A closer look at our Ticket System in G&S SatConnect®

Ticket System in G&S SatConnect®

Our ticket system, is designed to simplify and enhance the support experience within your organization. With this intuitive tool, you can effortlessly create and manage support inquiries right from the Self Service Portal, making support a breeze.

A closer look at our Ticket System:

  • Create Tickets: Need assistance or want to provide feedback on anything in the system? Our ticket system lets you create tickets anytime, from anywhere within the system.
    Users can submit their problems directly from the portal.

  • Ticket Overview: View all tickets in your organization with our Ticket Overview. Each ticket is neatly presented with a unique generic ID, its current workflow status, and its priority level, ensuring you stay organized.

  • Ticket Processing: Once a ticket is submitted, G&S SatConnect® has the (optional) ability to automatically forward it to an external ticket system, ready for your support team to tackle. From submission to closure, the bidirectional sync manages tickets through status transitions and comments, facilitating clear and effective communication every step of the way.

  • Ticket Types: Tailor your support experience by choosing from a variety of ticket types when creating a new ticket. Each ticket type contains different information and can be customized to allow or restrict attachments. Plus, you can restrict individual ticket types to specific organizations for added control.

Ready to optimize your support process and take it to the next level?

In addition, integrate with existing ticket systems for enhanced support capabilities.

Discover our powerful solution:

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