Elevate Your Gilat SkyEdge® Network with G&S SatConnect®

Automate your core business with G&S SatConnect®

Are you running a Gilat SkyEdge® ll-c or Gilat SkyEdge® IV platform? Do you want to enhance your network operations and unlock new possibilites? We have a solution for you! Seamlessly integrate G&S SatConnect® with your Gilat SkyEdge® infrastructure. Let's explore some exciting use cases:

Emergency Communication

In times of crises or emergencies, reliable communication is of utmost importance. With G&S SatConnect® for Gilat SkyEdge®, you can spin up robust and efficient emergency communication on-the-fly. How can this help your organization? Think about disaster response teams, emergency services, and humanitarian organizations. By integrating G&S SatConnect®, you can establish reliable communication channels even in the most challenging situations, enabling effective coordination and timely assistance.


Aviation Connectivity

The aviation industry relies on seamless connectivity for efficient operations and passenger satisfaction. Are you an aviation service provider or airline looking to enhance your connectivity solutions? Take advantage of G&S SatConnect® with Gilat SkyEdge®. How can it benefit you? Consider things like in-flight Wi-Fi, cockpit communications and operational data transfer. With G&S SatConnect® you get automatically notified about failures or inefficiencies in your network, enabling you to significantly enhance your response time to these issues.


Rural Internet via Cellular Backhaul

Bringing reliable internet connectivity to rural areas can be a challenge. Are you an internet service provider or telecommunications company looking to bridge the digital divide in rural communities? G&S SatConnect® for Gilat SkyEdge® helps you to get the best out of your network, enabling you to provide first-class internet reliability for your customers. Let your backhaul solutions benefit from the comprehensive network monitoring and reporting capabilities to improve your customers' network experience, enabling them to, e.g., access online resources, education or economic opportunities with ease.


Curious to learn more about G&S SatConnect® for Gilat SkyEdge® and its potential for your specific use case?

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