G&S SatCom and Capanet Communications partnership to reshape the satellite software industry

G&S SatCom and Capanet Communications combine industry expertise to deliver next-generation satellite network management, automation, and orchestration platforms to reduce service provider operational costs.

Belm, Germany / Miami, FL.— February 8, 2021 —G&S SatCom and Capanet Communications today announced a strategic technology partnership to bring new network management, operations and performance tuning tools to the satellite service provider industry. The combined satellite network operations experience of Capanet Communications and the satellite system integration expertise of G&S Satcom will drive innovations to improve overall network performance and efficiency.

As competitive pressure continues to reduce satellite connectivity prices, satellite service providers worldwide are looking for intuitive tools to optimize their networks and reduce their business costs. The satellite industry is full of software systems that don't seamlessly integrate, making it hard to correlate data across operational and financial teams to gain meaningful insights. The Capanet Ops Suite, powered by the established and widely used G&S SatConnect® platform, is a comprehensive software solution that combines satellite network management tools that directly integrate with multiple satellite communications systems providing a unified view of network performance and automation workflows for operational teams. Additionally, the suite contains a robust data warehousing system allowing for advanced reporting and historical analysis tools to give full visibility of network costs to expedite forecasting.

G&S SatCom provides a unique multi-network orchestration software including innovative features such as automated provisioning of terminals to enhance and facilitate satellite network management and a comprehensive customer portal with multi-tenancy capability. An intuitive design and workflows based on the user’s routine enhance the software’s usability and maintain a self-explanatory structure. With tools that allow users to easily manage their customers, monitor data usage and create custom templates to speed up work processes, G&S SatCom unifies many different networks to make efficient satellite management possible.


“This collaboration is a great opportunity not just for us but for the industry as a whole”, said David Schmitz, CEO and co-founder of G&S SatCom. “Leveraging the experience of both teams will break new ground in the satellite industry. We have an abundance of invaluable features in the pipeline already. The coming months will be very exciting.”


The Capanet Ops Suite offers a turn-key satellite network management solution that incorporates end-customer management, operations, and financial tools into a unified experience for all teams to leverage. Product Management teams will have access to customer management tools, billing, and fair access policies, while operational teams will gain efficiencies through automated provisioning, network monitoring, and configuration management. Additionally, finance teams will get a holistic view of network performance and cost analysis from financial reports. Service providers will now have real-time access to critical data to analyze, prioritize, and optimize their satellite network proactively.


"We are very excited about this partnership with the G&S team," said Zafar Khan, CEO and Founder of Capanet Communications, "With the successful track record of both teams and the combination of decades of experience will allow us to innovate faster, providing cutting-edge software tools that are on the forefront of the satellite software industry."


About G&S SatCom
G&S SatCom offers innovative software solutions to the satellite industry, streamlining processes by standardizing workflows across different networks to lift operational efficiency to new levels. Having worked on some of the most advanced satellite networks, G&S SatCom has the experience and the vision to put software solutions at the core of the industry’s development.

About Capanet Communications
Capanet Communications enables service providers to optimize the performance and reduce the cost of running satellite networks. The company provides best-in-class software solutions and satellite network operations consulting for the satellite industry. With over two decades of experience designing, managing, and operating large-scale global networks, the Capanet team can help any size company realize its satellite networks' full potential.


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