G&S SatConnect® for iDirect Evolution®

Customers often have multiple hubs that need to be managed individually. How does G&S SatConnect® face this challenge?

iDirect Evolution® is just one of the ground segments supported, allowing you to bring your whole product range under one pane of glass. G&S SatConnect® brings provisioning, monitoring support, and billing into one place.

We always see there's a large overhead in managing these separate systems. They need to keep track of the configuration that they've got in each of these systems and how the networks are defined in each case. They usually end up with one team serving about one or two of these systems, so the need for resources to manage these can grow quite quickly as well.

Within our multi-network orchestration tool G&S SatConnect®, you can quickly add all your iDirect Evolution® networks in one place. With just a few clicks, you can import your terminals into G&S SatConnect® and take advantage of our service and network monitoring. Dashboard reporting, aggregated data analysis, and historical statistics as just some of the features that allow you to get the most out of your network, reduce service downtime, and respond to issues that your customers are seeing.

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