G&S SatConnect® as your Business Support System (BSS)

G&S SatConnect® as your Business Support System

Ready to discover the full potential of G&S SatConnect® as your Business Support System (BSS)? We're going to take you on a tour.

An overview of your BSS opportunities

  • Subscription Management: Streamline and manage subscriptions effortlessly. With G&S SatConnect®, you have complete control over your subscription-based services.

  • Fair Access Policies / Quota Management: Fairness in access is crucial. Define and manage fair access policies and quotas seamlessly, ensuring equal and optimized usage for all users.

  • Billing Integration: No more billing hassles! Integrate your billing systems effortlessly with G&S SatConnect® for accurate and timely invoicing.

  • Billing Reports (Invoice Generation Possible): Get a crystal-clear view of your financials. Generate comprehensive billing reports to track revenue and expenses. And yes, invoice generation is possible too!

  • Product Catalog Definition: Define your product catalog with ease. G&S SatConnect® lets you set up and manage your product offerings effortlessly. Nail down pricing details for your products and services.

  • Ticket System Integration: Seamless ticket management. Integrate popular ticket systems like ServiceNow or other compatible options, streamlining issue resolution and customer support.
  • Marketplace: Expand your reach! G&S SatConnect® can transform into your digital marketplace, allowing you to showcase and sell your products and services effortlessly.

Ready to transform your BSS processes and take your business to new heights?

Explore the endless possibilities with G&S SatConnect®. For more information, check out our website:

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