VSAT Stellar Awards 2018

G&S SatCom wins the 2018 VSAT Stellar Award for Best New Comer in the Industry

G&S SatCom received the Best New Comer in the Industry Award at the annual VSAT Stellar Awards in London in September this year. As part of the VSAT Global 2018 event, the award recognizes initiatives driving change across the industry and celebrates companies improving global connectivity through satellites. Hundreds of leading representatives of the satellite industry gathered for the event to discuss current trends in the industry, learn about the latest developments and identify new growth potential for satellite services.

In front of this diverse audience, G&S SatCom co-founder and CEO David Schmitz presented his solution to what he considers some of the industry’s major challenges: fragmentation, inefficiency in software, and lack of automation.

Simplification through unification and automation

As a software development company specialized in satellite communications, G&S SatCom developed G&S SatConnect to address these challenges. Importantly, in contrast to to existing software suites, G&S SatConnect is not affected by vendor lock-in as it’s an independent solution. Its entire aim is purely to simplify your business, no matter whom you’re working with.

The motivation behind this is quite simple: when managing the networks you’re using to serve your customers, you shouldn’t have to adapt to specific software. Whether it’s Inmarsat’s Global Xpress, IntelsatOne Flex or others, your workflows should always be the same. G&S SatConnect starts just there, looking at your operations as a whole and not just at individual elements. It provides you with comprehensive tools to simplify your entire business and reduce manual work to a minimum. Template-based provisioning, simplified service plan creation, and automated billing are just some of the features that will become essential for you.

With its modular architecture, G&S SatConnect allows extensive customizations in response to specific requirements as well. There’s a range of opportunities, from individualized workflows to entirely unique features pertaining only your company’s specific way of doing business. Naturally, custom branding and multi-lingual support are standard features available in all G&S SatConnect instances.

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