Looking back on 2022

We are looking back on a year full of innovations, important partnerships and great achievements. 2022 was all about the development of our monitoring and reporting capabilities of our software: We are particularly proud of the expansion of our network coverage such as Newtec Dialog® and Gilat™ SkyEdge llc. Our latest additions perfectly complement the pool of our already supported networks ST Engineering iDirect Velocity, iDirect Evolution and Comtech Heights™.

Monitoring data can now additionally be analyzed in the context of weather data - for even more precise evaluation and it has never been easier to track status updates of a terminal over specific time periods: With our timeline integration, important events and alarms can be tracked and differentiated at a glance.

With its ability to extract data from any of the major ground segment platforms and sharing them in a harmonized, standardized format through Kafka, G&S SatConnect® enables cross-network low level data extraction & analysis that is second to none.


Besides these great developments, 2022 brought various improvements to our existing features as well as innovative new features. To name a few:

✔  An application-wide search for quick navigation through the portal and a filter function to display use-case specific information

✔  SMS notifications for even faster reaction times to important events

✔  The connection with #Matomo to gather crucial user statistics for evaluation purposes

✔  Design updates to our Marketplace and News Portal for an even more user-centered experience

✔  And much more ...


In addition to our product development, we kept in touch with creative minds and experts of the industry in order to further advance innovation in the satellite sector. To achieve that, we have joined MEF Forum as a member and participated at satellite events around the globe such as the SATShow in Washington or the World Satellite Business Week in Paris.

A successful and exciting year is coming to an end, but our ambitions for the coming year are bigger than ever. We look forward with anticipation to the new year and wish everyone a great start into 2023.

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