Looking back on 2023


Reflecting on 2023 — A Year of unprecedented Innovation and Achievements!

As we look back on the remarkable journey of 2023, it's clear that this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. From groundbreaking features to significant enhancements, G&S SatConnect® has evolved to new heights, empowering our users with unparalleled capabilities. Let's dive into the highlights that have shaped our path:

  • Smart Labeling: Introducing Smart Labeling - a game-changer! Now, users can create and assign labels to anything in the portal, enhancing organization and accessibility. Filter with ease using the global search, making every interaction purposeful.
  • Aero Dashboard for Flight Insights: Embark on an entirely new, more efficient, and precise era of monitoring with the Aero Dashboard. Now, users can create personalized dashboards to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of flights. Tailor your experience with customizable widgets, ensuring a level of efficiency and precision like never before!

  • Billing Report: Managing billing information has never been more seamless. Individual billing logs for terminals and comprehensive billing reports across your entire customer base provide clarity and control. Add custom billing positions to track extraordinary events and invoice your customer.

  • Global Improvements: From SLA Profile Management for Gilat SkyEdge II-c to the innovative Remote Site Monitoring feature, G&S SatConnect® has embraced enhancements that redefine network monitoring and management.

  • UI Overhaul (NextGen UI): Witness the evolution of elegance in our user interface. The sleek design enhances user experience, offering a modern and intuitive interface across the platform.

  • Ticket System Enhancements: Seamless integration with your internal ticket system, improved workflow, and enhanced communication features in the ticket system ensure a streamlined process for issue resolution.

  • Satellite Network Dashboard for Velocity: Gain profound insights into Velocity networks with the Satellite Network Monitoring Dashboard. Analyze network status, service quality, and more on different levels, ensuring a comprehensive overview.

  • Gilat SkyEdge IV Monitoring Support: G&S SatConnect® achieved seamless monitoring support for Gilat SkyEdge IV. The next step is the transactional support. Soon, users can seamlessly conduct transactions, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced network efficiency.

These accomplishments are a testament to the dedication and innovation embedded in G&S SatConnect®. As we embark on the journey into 2024, we carry these achievements as a foundation for even greater milestones.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey! Your support, collaboration, and commitment have been instrumental in our success. Cheers to a year filled with ongoing growth, innovation, and triumphs!

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