Our framework G&S Unityware enhanced for native smartphone apps

G&S Unityware for native apps


We are excited to announce the expansion of our cutting-edge framework, G&S Unityware. This extension aims to facilitate optimized development for smartphone apps by introducing pre-defined modules and components.

G&S Unityware, the in-house software framework developed by G&S, has already proven itself as a robust solution for web-based software systems. The latest expansion of the framework shifts the focus towards mobile app development, providing developers with the ability to create high-quality applications quickly and efficiently.

Developing smartphone apps requires precise structuring and implementation of software architecture and user interface elements. G&S Unityware enables this through the integration of pre-defined modules and components specifically designed for smartphone apps. This feature significantly accelerates the development process and enhances overall efficiency.

G&S Unityware in Detail — Benefits for Developers

The G&S Unityware framework consists of a frontend and a backend. Both parts are subdivided into a core and additional modules. The core delivers fundamental functions and services, serving as the foundation for every company software development. This modular structure offers flexibility and scalability as developers can select the necessary modules to meet their specific requirements.

The latest expansion of G&S Unityware brings substantial advantages for developers. By utilizing pre-defined modules and components, they can focus on the specific needs of their mobile app without spending time on developing basic functionalities. The ability to customize both the backend and frontend as needed provides maximum flexibility.

With the continued improvement of its G&S Unityware framework, G&S reaffirms its commitment to innovative solutions in software development. Optimized smartphone app development is streamlined through pre-defined modules and the flexible architecture of the framework. Developers can concentrate on creativity and functionality, while G&S Unityware provides the technical foundation. This expansion marks another stride for the company towards advanced and efficient software solutions.

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