Press Release: G&S SatCom Unveils AI-Powered Satellite Network Assistant at Satellite Conference 2024

Press Release: G&S SatCom Unveils AI-Powered Satellite Network Assistant at Satellite Conference 2024

“Our team at G&S SatCom is thrilled to introduce these cutting-edge advancements, which represent significant milestones in the evolution of satellite network management,” said David Schmitz, CEO of G&S SatCom.” The AI Assistant for G&S SatConnect® and the mobile version of our platform are designed to revolutionize how businesses manage their satellite operations, offering unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and actionable insights.”

Attendees of the Satellite conference are invited to visit booth #1106 in Hall B to experience firsthand the latest evolution of G&S SatCom's award-winning software, G&S SatConnect®. The AI Assistant for G&S SatConnect® is poised to transform satellite network operations by providing real-time insights, key performance indicators, and comprehensive analytics through a simple, conversational interface. The AI Assistant empowers decision-makers with actionable intelligence, enhancing efficiency and reliability across satellite operations.

In addition, the launch of the mobile version of G&S SatConnect® brings unparalleled convenience and accessibility to satellite network management. Users can now manage their networks anytime, anywhere, directly from their smartphones, ensuring they always remain connected and in control.

Key features of G&S SatConnect® include:

  • Advanced AI capabilities for predictive analytics and proactive management
  • Enhanced user interface for seamless navigation and customization
  • Integration with existing satellite infrastructure for seamless deployment
  • Comprehensive reporting and data visualization tools for actionable insights

“We believe that the future of satellite communication will hold great potential for those who show agility and interoperability in managing their product portfolio meeting the customer demand in a fast changing landscape,” explained David Schmitz. “By leveraging new AI technologies, we are empowering our customers to do exactly that at scale and stay ahead of the curve.”

In addition, there is a showcase of G&S SatCom’s software in mixed reality at the booth. Attendees are encouraged to visit booth #1106 in Hall B at the Satellite conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC to experience G&S SatConnect® firsthand and learn more about the latest advancements in satellite communication technology. For those unable to attend the event, G&S SatCom is offering personalized demos via Teams sessions to showcase the capabilities of these groundbreaking innovations.
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