We are excited to announce that industry veteran Simon Adams has joined our team

G&S SatCom is excited to announce that industry veteran Simon Adams has joined our management team as VP of Solutions Engineering. With his years of industry expertise at ST Engineering iDirect and OneWeb, Simon will be a valuable asset to our growth strategy.

After a master's degree in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from the University of York, he lead both the architecture and development on the award-winning Satellite Network Management System SatManage, eventually joining ST Engineering iDirect in leading roles to drive the iDirect Pulse® NMS development.

In 2017, Simon joined OneWeb in its goal to establish a worldwide low earth orbit satellite constellation.

Having joined G&S in May 2020 as Principal Software Engineer, his role as VP will include close cooperation with partners, customers, and other stakeholders to drive G&S's solutions to the next level. In particular in his work on G&S SatConnect® he'll drive our innovative solutions and ensure best-in-class customer experience.

About G&S SatCom
G&S SatCom offers automation and analytics solutions to the satellite industry, streamlining processes by standardizing workflows across different networks to lift operational efficiency to new levels. Having worked on some of the most advanced satellite networks, G&S SatCom has the experience and the vision to put software solutions at the core of the industry’s development.

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