We are visiting the Satellite Connectivity Summit

We are excited to be a part of tomorrows Satellite Connectivity Summit. We look forward to seeing you!

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Looking back on 2020

We are looking back on a year that gave rise to unprecedented difficulties for everyone due to COVID-19. As a software solutions provider, G&S SatCom has been able to adapt to these challenges by being able to work remotely. In this respect, we can consider ourselves lucky. We are especially grateful to be able to look back on a year in which, despite all adversities, we were able to achieve our goals with a strong team and important partners.

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We are excited to announce that industry veteran Simon Adams has joined our team

With his years of industry expertise at ST Engineering iDirect and OneWeb, Simon will be a valuable asset to our growth strategy.

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G&S SatCom and Capanet Communications partnership to reshape the satellite software industry

G&S SatCom and Capanet Communications combine industry expertise to deliver next-generation satellite network management, automation, and orchestration platforms to reduce service provider operational costs.

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