Together we can make a difference

Are you managing a VSAT project? If so, chances are that original estimates don’t match the actual effort and you have to reduce scope to a minimum viable product (MPV). It’s an unsatisfying situation and one that could have been avoided.

G&S SatCom - Consulting: We are supporting you, to reach your goals!

The Issue

So why does this happen frequently and how can G&S SatCom support you in reaching the original goals? In most cases it comes down to two things:

  • Inaccurate use-case definitions during the design phase
  • Implementation iterations due to technical complexity, misunderstood requirements and unfamiliarity with chosen technologies

Our Service

We assist you in three core areas to deliver a project that matches the deliverables within time, scope and cost:


Requirements Analysis

In-depth analysis of the use cases that the project is supposed to address


Solutions Architecture

Propose a well-structured, holistic solution tailored to your project


User Experience & UI Design

Establish user-focused workflows and processes for improved usability

Our Commitment

G&S SatCom consultants work closely with your product teams and stakeholders towards defining precise use cases that match daily operations, taking into account variables which could change the deliverables down the line to allow the highest flexibility.

Given our extensive experience in both VSAT and software engineering, we are also able to support your engineering teams with the architecture and implementation of the solution where applicable. That way we can provide you end-to-end support during your entire project lifecycle, ensuring that you get the best solution and not just an MVP.

Reach out today, together we can make a difference for your product of tomorrow.