Customer portal

Full-featured customer portal right off the shelf including custom branding and multilingual support.

Turn G&S SatConnect® into a comprehensive customer portal to simplify your operations while giving your customers full transparency. Keep them informed about their terminal’s performance, network utilization and more or have them provision their own terminals. Each feature can be kept internal or made available to customers separately.

G&S SatConnect® is your end-to-end solution for both service and customer management.

Create a unique experience for your customers. Grant them access to G&S SatConnect®’s included customer portal and empower them by providing access to its sophisticated monitoring, terminal lifecycle management, and other features. Granular permission settings with role-based access provide flexible access levels, e.g., to allow just a read-access for basic customers or full terminal lifecycle management for the more involved customers.

A global multi-tenancy structure, incorporating any object in the platform, isolates various customers logically from one another without them ever learning about each other. Additionally, you, as the portal’s operator, may assign specific products or features to each customer individually and can even decide which data the customer may see in the monitoring section. All this gives you unprecedented control and yet freedom to offer various forms of integration.

The Customer Portal adapts to your needs!

Imagine your customers being able to provision their own terminals, choosing from a range of pre-defined products that you made available to them and then monitoring their terminals independently. It’s a new freedom to focus on your core business rather than being interrupted through frequent support requests. Empowering your customers with this kind of integration, governed by rigid permission settings and comprehensive multitenancy, creates instant value on a brandnew level!

G&S SatConnect®’s custom theme and landing page ability, combined with its multilingual capability, is the final touch that gives it an exceptional feeling for customers anywhere around the world.

Customer Portal