(Group-) Fair Access Policies

Automatically throttle a terminal – or an entire group of terminals – based on sophisticated FAP management

Active limitation of the data volume your customers consume improves network performance, service quality, and frees up valuable bandwidth which can be used to grow your network. G&S SatConnect®’s FAP feature automatically throttles terminals based on your defined rules. Its extension, group FAP, throttles an entire host of terminals once they collectively consume more data than allowed.

Improve and grow your network with G&S SatConnect®’s FAP feature!

It’s a simple, yet often neglected truth: using existing resources to their full potential is far more efficient than adding new ones when a bottleneck occurs. G&S SatConnect®’s FAP / Quota Management offers unique features to maximize the value of your existing network capacity while keeping maintenance and operational complexity low. This way you can grow your business organically without running into bottlenecks. In fact, with all of the comprehensive FAP features being applicable not only to individual but entire groups of terminals, G&S SatConnect® provides you the tools to establish completely new business models. Building on the extensive product management capabilities, FAP / Quota Management facilitates an unprecedented flexibility: for example, configuring volume-based plans in the product manager and letting any number of terminals draw from the allowance. In turn, each of these individual terminals may have its own FAP rules as well. G&S SatConnect® monitors which of the limitations kick in first and, once the allowance has been used up,
either throttles just a specific terminal or the entire pool automatically. Naturally, customers receive a configurable notification well in advance to encourage them to top-up their allowance rather than just wait for the next interval to start.

G&S SatConnect®’s purpose is to simplify your operations while giving you powerful means to become the best-in-class communications provider. Keeping the entire business logic behind the scenes, e.g., to facilitate automatic (un-)throttling of rate-limited terminals, while offering compelling value-adds delivers on – and goes beyond – this promise.

Maximize your network value with FAP / Quota Management