Product Management

Monetize your service! Extensive upselling opportunities, integrated right into your existing platform.

It’s the core of your success, the one aspect that makes or breaks your business: a product portfolio that precisely matches your customers’ requirements and enables you to swiftly adapt to new requirements at lightning speed. In a fast-paced world with an ever changing environment, your competitive edge depends on your ability to stay ahead of the market. Now, with G&S SatConnect®, your product management is taken to the next level.In a revolutionary step, G&S SatConnect® streamlines your product management process with powerful tools and a minimum of configuration effort. Deliver your products with zero time-to-market to any vertical via any sales channel. Each product can be assigned to specific customer categories, including direct end-customers. Measure your portfolio’s success to optimize your product catalogue and match your customers demands.

With this new approach to managed service networks, it has never been easier to outperform the market and be the leading provider of satellite services. The out-of-the-box direct sales model, made even more powerful through the integration of the Marketplace, is a unique value-add that will shape the future of the satellite industry. By drawing from – and improving on – features that have long been standard in other communication industries, G&S SatConnect® lifts the satellite industry to a new level in terms of product management and service delivery. Join the age of managed services with the most powerful solution in the industry – G&S SatConnect®.

Product management redefined