Tech Spec

Fast, reliable and scalable

From the start, G&S SatConnect was designed to be a highly flexible platform that allows easy, custom implementations tailored to each individual client. High-availability cluster options, reliable historical data storage, and multilingual support are part of our comprehensive approach to offer the best-in-class experience for your business.

Modular structure

Tailored to your unique business processes

G&S SatConnect’s architecture facilitates the unique ability to adjust seamlessly to your individual requirements, while providing a proven and ever-growing set of out-of-the box capabilities. The modular framework and the set of standard capabilities form the base for your custom solutions, branding, and workflows. You get a solution that is tailored specifically to you while profiting from cost and timeline benefits of a standard software.

G&S SatConnect®  - Tailored to your unique business processes


Organize your business with ease

Your company serves varying markets, from energy over aero to government. G&S SatConnect accommodates this diversity with its multi-tenancy capability. Organize your business according to your needs: verticals, markets, or simply by high-value and low-value customers. Limit service plans and even entire networks to certain groups or get reports across all terminals with a group.

G&S SatConnect® - Organize your business with ease

High-availability cluster

Fast, reliable and scalable

We understand the sensitive nature of your business and how important it is for you and your client that every part of your system runs flawlessly. G&S SatConnect’s sophisticated clustering ensures a reliable and stable system that is easily scalable to accommodate any number of users and terminals. Reliable, responsive and available at all time!

G&S SatConnect® - Fast, reliable and scalable

External Access Security Proxy

Secure environment for your customers

G&S SatConnect enforces additional safety measures to establish a secure public customer portal that is effectively a copy of your G&S SatConnect instance. You decide which modules and data you want to make available and which features your customers can use. That way you can enable them to check network utilization reports, top-up volume or switch to another service plan for their terminals. All of this within one system with minimal maintenance effort.

G&S SatConnect® - Secure environment for your customers