Intuitive design

Usability is a priority for us at G&S SatCom. Therefore, G&S SatConnect is designed to offer the best-in-class user experience on any device and provide a clean, well-structured user interface. Consistent workflows and straight forward configuration along with a focus on a self-explanatory structure make your daily interaction with G&S SatConnect an enjoyable experience.


Workflows that follow your routine

For us, it’s important to offer a system that provides real added value and serves you the information that you’re looking for right away. That’s why we build our workflows for each use-case based on the routines that our users typically follow. Looking at a terminal report, but the metric is not select? Just use the quick-filter search and select the one that matches your need – the chart will be updated immediately at the appropriate resolution allowing you to compare and drill down. G&S SatConnect responds to your needs.

G&S SatConnect® - Workflows that follow your routine

Responsive Design

Designed to fit you wherever you are

In the past years, several new devices with previously unknown screen sizes and in particular previously unknown aspect ratios have hit the market. G&S SatConnect’s responsive design ensures that no matter on which device or how large your browser window, you’ll always have the same experience.

G&S SatConnect® - Designed to fit you wherever you are


Conveniently supporting your native language

We understand that working in your native language feels the most comfortable especially for your customers who access their data. Therefore, we designed G&S SatConnect with multilingual support in mind and provide several language packs out of the box.

G&S SatConnect® - Conveniently supporting your native language

Custom Themes

G&S SatConnect with your corporate identity

If it’s your system, you also want it to have your corporate identity. G&S SatConnect’s design is entirely customizable to your requirements, giving you a familiar look and feel. Use this branding for your customer portal as well and present a unified brand strategy across all channels to the end user.

G&S SatConnect® - Customer Themes with your corporate identity