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We are excited to participate in this year’s Satellite SatShow by SATELLITE Conference & Exhibition. Meet our team and learn more about our industry shaping solutions like our latest product innovation: Sense.

Built on the award-winning, architecture G&S SatConnect®, Sense has been designed to ease the network monitoring and reporting for service and network providers.

Schedule an appointment with our experts at the Satellite 2023 in Washington and learn how our products can help you to streamline your operations, enhance your performance and get a competitive advantage.

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We are looking back on a year full of innovations, important partnerships and great achievements. 2022 was all about the development of our monitoring and reporting capabilities of our software: We are particularly proud of the expansion of our network coverage such as Newtec Dialog and Gilat Satellite Networks SkyEdge llc. Our latest additions perfectly complement the pool of our already supported (...)

G&S SatConnect®'s award-winning network monitoring capabilities have become even better, once again. Now you can correlate your data with contextual information like weather phenomena. Stay on top of things and be one step ahead of any situation. Unlimited cross-network data aggregation with weather data ingestion - possible with G&S SatConnect®.


Let's meet at the World Satellite Business Week. The WSBW is the world's leading event for the global satellite and space industry. This year the event celebrates its 25th anniversary. We will be attending from 12th until 14th of September 2022. Please feel free to reach out to meet our CEO David Schmitz who will be meeting with our customers and partners at the conference. We are looking forward to an exciting event.

MEF LSO provides the standards that we need to support our customers with an end-to-end service orchestration capability across domains, networks and vendors.

We are excited to participate in #Satellite2022. Meet our team and learn more about our industry shaping solutions like G&S SatConnect®: The award-winning multi-network orchestration software with fully automated provisioning, unique Fair-Access-Policy features, extensive upselling options and situation-aware monitoring capabilities.

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We are delighted to announce that we officially joined MEF Forum as their member! We look forward to collaborating with MEF’s ecosystem of industry experts to accelerate #DigitalTransformation.

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We are excited to be a part of tomorrows Satellite Connectivity Summit. We look forward to seeing you!

Did you know? G&S SatConnect® supports all major networks in a single portal! Manage your ST Engineering iDirect Evolution terminals right along your Velocity, Newtec Dialog and other terminals using virtually the same workflows.

We make satellite innovation accessible:

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G&S SatCom and Capanet Communications combine industry expertise to deliver next-generation satellite network management, automation, and orchestration platforms to reduce service provider operational costs.

We are looking back on a year that gave rise to unprecedented difficulties for everyone due to COVID-19. As a software solutions provider, G&S SatCom has been able to adapt to these challenges by being able to work remotely. In this respect, we can consider ourselves lucky. We are especially grateful to be able to look back on a year in which, despite all adversities, we were able to achieve our goals with a strong team and important partners.

Managing your terminals has never been easier. The G&S SatConnect® Product Manager's comprehensive and sophisticated business rules streamline your business and lift your operations to a new level. Get a demo and see for yourself!

We make satellite innovation accessible:

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Lift your product management to the next level with G&S SatConnect®, the best-in-class solution for your satellite services. Create new products in an instant with the flexible business rule configurator and offer over-the-top services with the powerful G&S Marketplace.

Join the age of Managed Services with the most powerful and comprehensive, cloud-native solution in the #satellite industry - G&S SatConnect®.

Now available on various platforms.

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Value added services largely determine commercial success of managed connectivity services. Now available for ST Engineering iDirect #Evolution, Comtech Heights, #Newtec Dialog networks as well as iDirect #Velocity. Looking for other Networks? - get in touch!

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Organize your business and customers in new ways, benefit from G&S SatConnect®’s multi-tenancy capabilities!

G&S SatConnect®’s customer management uses sophisticated multi-tenancy to reduce administrative overhead to a minimum while offering full flexibility.

By controlling visibility and access to all elements within G&S SatConnect® on a granular level, there are countless options to structure your operations, avoid redundant work and save valuable time.

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The innovative multi-network orchestration software with fully automated provisioning, unique FAP features and extensive upselling opportunities. Includes a comprehensive customer portal with custom branding and multiple languages.

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"In a connected world, where communication has become the backbone of our daily lives, G&S SatCom strives for the most innovative, dynamic and value-generating solutions"

-- CEO and co-founder David Schmitz

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Clustering, LDAP / SAML, 2FA, system monitoring and more. G&S SatConnect® provides the tools for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure and smooth operations.

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Powerful features to create custom products with zero time-to-market. Integrates seamlessly with your billing system.

Product Management Redefined with the G&S SatConnect® Product Manager!

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Keep everyone in the loop with G&S SatConnect®‘s powerful notification engine! Its flexible and innovative approach allows custom messages in multiple languages triggered by almost any event and communicated via various channels.

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Get the best insight into your network with G&S SatConnect®’s comprehensive and dynamic monitoring features! Don’t dig for information, get it right at your hands with at-a-glance overviews and in-depth data analysis for meaningful evaluations.

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G&S SatConnect®’s FAP (Fair Access Policies) / Quota Management offers unique features to maximize the value of your existing network capacity while keeping maintenance and operational complexity low.

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Considered to be the operations center, G&S SatConnect®’s terminal manager hosts all essential features to simplify your lifecycle management and increase operational efficiency.

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Create a unique experience for your customers. Grant them access to G&S SatConnect®’s included customer portal and empower them by providing access to its sophisticated monitoring, terminal lifecycle management, and other features.

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Recap of the Satshow 2020 in Washington

G&S SatCom at #Satellite2020. Despite lower attendance than in previous years, we had a number of interesting discussions and would like to thank everyone who stopped by at our booth. G&S SatConnect® received tremendous feedback and we're looking forward to working closely with our partners to advance the satellite industry with innovative solutions.

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Meet G&S SatCom at the Satellite 2020 in Washington

The #Satshow2020 starts next week and we look forward to welcoming you to our booth. Don't miss the chance to have a chat with us about our innovative products and how G&S SatConnect® and the just released G&S Marketplace will change service delivery and orchestration.

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We are happy to announce that Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) has selected G&S SatConnect® with its ST Engineering iDirect #Evolution integration to implement a fully managed service. Our subscription manager capabilities will support MBS to tailor custom service offerings incl. usage-based billing. The self-service portal will enable their customers to manage the entire terminal lifecycle.

Learn more at

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G&S Marketplace - Instantly available, tremendous potential.

Define and publish products on-the-fly and significantly decrease time-to-market. Step into the services business today!

Learn more at

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "The latest MarketBrief Report featuring G&S SatConnect"

We're excited to announce the release of the latest #satellite MarketBrief discussing innovations in satellite #network management, highlighting how #software will be the key driver of innovation in the years to come.

We're excited to announce that G&S SatCom will be at the Satellite 2020! Visit us at booth 1209 for a chat on how our solutions can increase your operational efficiency, create new revenue opportunities, and boost innovation! Check out

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ST Engineering iDirect #Evolution for G&S SatConnect®! Full product management support, comprehensive Fair Access Policy Management and Quota Management, usage-based #billing, and more! Manage all your networks in just one solution with G&S SatConnect®'s sophisticated multi-network feature!

G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "Looking back on 2019"

With 2020 in full swing, we took the opportunity to take a look back at our 2019 achievements. In a year full of highlights, our cooperation with Intelsat stands out as one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding projects to date. ...

Orchestration handles the day-to-day, you focus on the future! G&S SatConnect® orchestration capability is your key to operational efficiency. Check out

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "Regional partner conference with Inmarsat in Barcelona"

Thank you for the invitation to the regional partner conference in Barcelona last week. We enjoyed the time and look forward to our continued cooperation.

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "Deliver value-adding services with zero lead-time"

Out now! Get your branded G&S Marketplace instance, define services on-the-fly and offer them as value-add to your customers. Set yourself apart and create new revenue streams within minutes!

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "Inmarsat EMEA Regional Conference 2019"

Meet our executive team! G&S SatCom will be at the Inmarsat EMEA Regional Conference 2019 in Barcelona. Get in touch for a chat about how we make satellite innovation accessible!

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "Inmarsat GX SDT program"

Are you ready for the Inmarsat GX SDT program? With G&S SatConnect, managing Inmarsat GX and other networks from a single interface has never been easier!

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "We make satellite innovation accessible"

We make satellite innovation accessible. Anyone, anywhere, anything. Become part of our vision!

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G&S SatCom at LinkedIn about "Bringing the eco-system together"

G&S SatConnect® connects your partners, customers and systems - the entire eco-system in one comprehensive solution! Check out

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Interview with Co-founder and CEO David Schmitz about G&S SatConnect

G&S SatCom received the Best New Comer in the Industry Award at the annual VSAT Stellar Awards in London in September 2018. Check out co-founder and CEO David Schmitz discussing the challenges service providers and operators face in growing their networks and how G&S SatCom addresses these challenges with G&S SatConnect.

Impressions from G&S SatCom at the SSM 2018 in Hamburg

G&S SatCom attended this year's SMM Hamburg, the largest trade show for the maritime sector in the world from 4 September to 7 September 2018.

G&S SatCom receives the "Best New Comer in the Industry" Award at the annual VSAT Stellar Awards in London

G&S SatCom received the Best New Comer in the Industry Award at the annual VSAT Stellar Awards in London in September this year. As part of the VSAT Global 2018 event, the award recognizes initiatives driving change across the industry and celebrates companies improving global connectivity through satellites. [...]

G&S SatCom at the Satellite 2017

At Satellite 2017 G&S SatCom presented G&S SatConnect as part of the VT iDirect Developer Partner Program.

We are a certified developer partner of iDirect