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As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the largest, most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructure in the world. We apply our unparalleled expertise and global scale to reliably and seamlessly connect people, devices and networks in even the most challenging and remote locations. At Intelsat, we turn possibilities into reality. Imagine Here, with us, at



Capanet Communications enables service providers to optimize the performance and reduce the cost of running satellite networks. The company provides best-in-class software solutions and satellite network operations consulting for the satellite industry. With over two decades of experience designing, managing, and operating large-scale global networks, the Capanet team can help any size company realize its satellite networks' full potential.


ST Engineering iDirect

As ST Engineering iDirect's first developer partner, G&S SatCom has extensive experience in working with the iDirect platforms and the iDirect team. After working on the Pulse NMS for several years, G&S SatCom knows the intricacies of the iDirect platforms back to back, giving it us an edge in the satellite software solutions market.


Media Broadcast Satellite

Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) is a leading German teleport service provider with a range of satellite services for various verticals. In it's partnership with G&S SatCom, MBS benefits from advanced software solutions while at the same time providing valuable feedback for product development and improvements to G&S SatCom.


We have joined MEF to advance digital transformation

Our membership in MEF offers an opportunity to engage in business-driven collaboration with leading global organizations. Together, we enable dynamic, trusted and certified services that empower enterprises to embrace their own digital transformation and grow their business.

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iDirect Certified Developer

VT iDirect‘s industry-leading solutions have proven their capabilities with years of reliable service. As Certified Developer Partner, G&S SatCom has the tools and the capabilities to integrate with VT iDirect products by implementing custom-built additions. Whatever your requirements are, we will find a tailor-made solution for you.