Manage your network(s) with G&S SatConnect®

Meet our innovative, award-winning solution G&S SatConnect®. The first portal that provides out-of-the-box capabilities for VSAT cross-platform low level data extraction. Providing an all-in-one solution to manage and monitor your terminals and network.

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Manage your network(s) with G&S SatConnect®: Our all-in-one solution for service providers and network operators of the satellite industry to manage and monitor their networks


G&S SatConnect® comes with an extensive catalog of powerful AI supported features that will master your business challenges whether they are about monitoring, reporting, network orchestration, service delivery or product management. It is your end-to-end solution for both service and customer management.

Aero Monitoring with G&S SatConnect®: Receive live updates of flight and vessel information via customizable dashboard and map views


Detect anomalies and resolve issues quickly to ensure maximum network uptime

  • High resolution statistical monitoring, now powered by AI
  • Track Vessels and Flights in real-time or evaluate historical trails
  • Analyze via map views and correlate with contextual weather data

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G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Unique insights to provide actionable information. Allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance


Make informed decisions with detailed network efficiency reports

  • Get utilization and efficiency reports of your Networks Performance
  • Visualize via custom dashboard views
  • Detect congestion & contention in real-time, enhanced by AI
  • View crucial KPIs

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G&S SatConnect® Alarms Grid: Get notified about every single terminal from any of your major ground segments

Alarm Management

Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time alerts to avoid costly downtime

  • Automated alarm notifications based on predefined criterias
  • Predictive network health analysis - powered by AI
  • Automated congestion management - powered by AI
  • Notifications via email and text message alert
  • Automatic ingestion of events and alarms from NMS' (allows ingestion from any subsystem)

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G&S SatConnect® Automated Provisiong: Provision terminals in seconds with automated provisioning

Business Process Automation & Orchestration

Automate your core business - your network

  • Lightning-fast terminal provisioning
  • Contract automation
  • Billing automation with terminal information ingestion

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G&S SatConnect® Marketplace: Build your own Marketplace for your customers and offer services to your clients such as top-up packages

Product Management

Create value-adding services with simple configuration and easy access control

  • Out-of-the-box direct sales model
  • Time-to-market virtually zero!
  • Create your own services or add partner solutions to your offering
  • Simply integrate with your existing billing software

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G&S SatConnect® Fair Access Policies: Automatically throttle a terminal – or an entire group of terminals based on your defined rules

Billing & Fair Access Policies

Control data limits and bill with ease

  • Active limitation of the data volume your customer
  • Facilitate automatic (un-)throttling of rate-limited terminals
  • Supports multiple billing software

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G&S SatConnect® Self Service Portal with Custom Branding: Create a unique customer experience. Benefit from a custom theme and landing page ability

Self Service Portal

Simplify your operations while giving your customers full transparency

  • Easily manage your customers thanks to multi-tenancy and advanced permission management
  • Grant your customers access to your portal or certain features
  • Off the shelf including custom branding and multilingual support

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Why us?

We empower the satellite industry with innovative software solutions that pave the way to more agile, streamlined, and efficient operations. Trusted by industry leaders we provide solutions for service providers, satellite operators, mobile network operators and the government.

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Speed up your business with multi-step process management, streamlined workflows and automation techniques and more. G&S SatConnect® doesn't require a local installation. Simply access via cloud and start your service with a click.


Scale your orchestration without limitations or connect to any service using established protocols and tools with off-the-shelf NMS connectors. License only relevant features for your business to tailor G&S SatConnect® specifically to your specific needs thanks to it's modular architecture.


Connect any ground segment such as iDirect Evolution®, iDirect Velocity®, Gilat SkyEdge® II-c, Gilat SkyEdge® IV, Comtech EF Data HeightsTM, Newtec Dialog® & SCPC thanks to off-the-shelf multi-network NMS support.


Enhance your overhaul service quality and develop new revenue streams with several powerful product- and service management features.


We offer our customers an exceptional 24/7 support coverage


Manage your customers with ease thanks to multi-tenancy, role-based access control and more


We enforce additional safety measures to establish a secure public portal for you and your customers.


Benefit from a user-centered design approach with minimal training efforts


Whether we've been named Best Newcomer in the industry or praised for the innovative approach of our product features: We drive innovation in our industry, challenge existing solutions and incorporate this philosophy into each of our products.

Built for you

We have experienced that alot processes in the satellite industry are still manual, thus inefficient. With the vision to accelerate this through an innovative approach and targeted automation techniques, G&S SatConnect® has been developed for you - to take your work and that of your team to the next level.

A visionary modular core for outstanding scalability - now enhanced with AI

G&S SatConnect®'s modular architecture allows quick implementation of feature requests and new ideas, making you the innovation leader in a highly competitive environment and giving you an edge over the market.

Customize and extend your own G&S SatConnect® instance at any time with additional functionality by drawing from a powerful feature pool. Tailor the software exactly to your individual business needs while benefiting from the unique multi-network capabilities.

Learn more about: G&S SatConnect® Architecture Insights

G&S SatConnect®'s modular architecture allows quick implementation of feature requests and new ideas, making you the innovation leader in a highly competitive environment and giving you an edge over the market

Plug & Play

G&S SatConnect® integrates seamlessly into your platform and runs alongside your existing software. This way you don't have to worry about downtime during your day-to-day operations when you switch to G&S SatConnect®. Get a demo today and take the opportunity to test and evaluate.

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