Create new revenue streams with Marketplace

Conquer the services market with your own branded G&S SatConnect® Marketplace instance! Configure custom addons and deliver instant value through digital services. Benefit from an extended product catalogue with value-adding partner offerings. Revolutionize your sales model, create new revenue streams!

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Highlights of Marketplace

G&S SatConnect® Marketplace Service Details: Build your own Marketplace for your customers

Build your own Marketplace for your customers

  • Get a unique custom-branded instance of G&S SatConnect® Marketplace and start selling your first value-adding services with a few clicks
  • Offer services (even third-party ones) to your clients they never knew about before such as top-up packages
  • Grant or restrict specific customer access - fully controlled by you
  • Measure your portfolio’s success to optimize your portfolio

Selling services via G&S SatConnect® Marketplace allows you to create a vast eco-system of services that sets you apart from your competitors.

- G&S SatCom

Define products & services with zero lead time

  • Deliver value-adding services with zero time-to-market and swiftly adapt to new requirements at lightning speed
  • Benefit from a host of pre-defined solutions, ready to generate new revenue streams for up- and re-selling
  • Publish to any of your preferred sales channels
  • Assign products to specific customer categories, including direct end-customers
  • Automate your billing process including top-ups and pay-as-you go. Simply integrate your existing billing software with G&S SatConnect® Marketplace
G&S SatConnect® Marketplace: Define & sell products on-the-fly

Ready when you are

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Developed on a visionary modular core for outstanding scalability - now enhanced with AI

Marketplace is one of many specialized solutions from the G&S SatConnect® context. It is based on the same architecture as G&S SatConnect® and thus offers customers the well-known multi-network capabilities (e.g. connection with iDirect Evolution® or Gilat SkyEdge®, etc.) as well as the same highly valued scalability and integration benefits.

In addition, customers can extend Marketplace at any time with additional functionality from the G&S SatConnect® feature pool - tailored to their individual business needs.

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