Performance Optimization via Network Reporting

G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting enables you to make optimal decisions about your capacity allocation for the ground and space segment. Monitor multi-orbit mobility networks in real-time. Detect congestion and contention or view utilization and satellite network efficiency reports, including crucial key performance indicators at a glance.

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Reporting with G&S SatConnect® enables you to make informed decisions thanks to in-depth data visualizations

Highlights of the Network Reporting Dashboard

G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Unique insights to provide actionable information. Allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance

Get unique analytics for actionable insights

  • Aggregate crucial KPIs across major ground segments (e.g. iDirect Evolution) with G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting
  • Get drill down views which layer on network specific KPIs and analysis
  • Customize your reporting experience by creating your own dashboard views
  • Import extensive data sets from various Network Management Systems

Due to excellent visualization and automatic flagging of inefficient or excess network capacities, new monetization opportunities are revealed and thus a unique basis for decision-making.

- G&S SatCom

Optimize your bandwidth based on Key Performance Indicators

  • Track your Up- and Downstream with G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting by analyzing your Bandwidth, Traffic Volume, Spectrum Utilization, Spectral Efficiency, Circuit Utilization or Utilization / Throughput, Inroute Groups, Network Utilization, SNR or Power Margin
  • View your MODCOD Distribution and Terminal Count
  • Use this data to predict issues (such as configuration issues and inefficiencies), drive intelligent switches, improve your network efficiency or to support automatic capacity management
G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Bandwidth Optimization: Track your Up- and Downstream with G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting by analyzing your Bandwidth, Traffic Volume, Spectrum Utilization and more

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Developed on a visionary modular core for outstanding scalability - now enhanced with AI

G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting is one of many specialized solutions from the G&S SatConnect® context. It is based on the same architecture as G&S SatConnect® and thus offers customers the well-known multi-network capabilities (e.g. connection with iDirect Evolution® or Gilat SkyEdge®, etc.) as well as the same highly valued scalability and integration benefits.

In addition, customers can extend the Network Reporting Dashboard at any time with additional functionality from the G&S SatConnect® feature pool - tailored to their individual business needs.

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