Monitor your network(s) with Sense

G&S SatConnect® Sense is a comprehensive monitoring and reporting suite for your entire VSAT ground segment. It is the first portal that provides out-of-the-box capabilities for VSAT cross-platform low level data extraction and has been designed for network and service providers in the satellite industry.

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Monitor your network(s)  with G&S SatConnect® Sense: Our powerful monitoring and reporting suite - Developed for service providers in the satellite industry

Features of Sense

Access real-time data of flights and vessels, get detailed network reports with in-depth data visualizations and automatically receive customizable notifications about your network status - all in one comprehensive platform. Discover the feature pool of Sense and it's unique user experience that will help you to streamline your operations, enhance your performance and get a competitive advantage.

Aero Monitoring with G&S SatConnect®: Receive live updates of flight and vessel information via customizable dashboard and map views

Situation-Aware Monitoring

Stay up-to-date with live flight and vessel terminal updates through dynamic map views. Seamlessly integrate weather data with terminal status for enhanced contextual insights. Choose from pre-configured map overlays, including beam footprints and more.

G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Unique insights to provide actionable information. Allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance

Reporting & Analytics

Supercharge your network efficiency with detailed reports and data visualizations about your terminal status, locations, network status, service quality, traffic utilization, and more. Customize your reporting experience, gain actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions with ease. Elevate your processes with detailed VSAT data.

G&S SatConnect® G&S SatConnect® Map Alerts: Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time alerts to avoid costly downtime

Notifications & Alarms

Stay proactive and prevent costly downtime with real-time alerts for critical events like flight changes and anomalies. Boost your efficiency with automatic alarms for key metrics, reducing manual monitoring. Customize your notifications to receive alerts tailored to your specific needs.

Highlights of Sense

Keep Track of your Fleet with Aviation & Voyage Monitoring

Our custom dashboard and map views provide a comprehensive live overview of your flight and vessel movements. With detailed performance analysis and a troubleshooting interface, you can stay on top of any operational issues. Correlate contextual data like weather information, to ensure accurate analysis and decision-making. Create alerts and attach them to specific flight, vessels, and trail points for added convenience. Receive alarms based on flight altitude, speed, or location to ensure timely response to critical issues.

Benefit from high resolutions statistical monitoring through various data sources like modem, antenna, and network. Monitor flight and vessel trails that show graphical correlation of performance metrics to easily keep track of their movements and performance.

Aero Monitoring with G&S SatConnect®: Track your flight and vessel movements through comprehensive map views and dashboards in real-time

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G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Unique insights to provide actionable information. Allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance

Unique insights with Network Reporting

Quickly identify configuration issues and inefficiencies and detect congestion and contention in real-time. Sense allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance.

Our comprehensive network reports help you predict issues, drive intelligent switches, and improve your network efficiency. Get utilization and efficiency reports, including crucial KPI's such as bandwidth, traffic, circuit and spectrum utilization, and spectral efficiency.

Focus on relevant areas trough Region Reporting

Sense allows you to create individual overlays via a convenient drawing tool or alternatively via GEO marker upload. Easily relate your terminal's position to context information and keep track of all events at your most important locations in real-time.

Choose from pre-configured map overlays, such as beam footprints, or create custom overlays to meet your unique needs. With Sense's Region Reporting feature, you can visualize your network information exactly they way you need it.

Region Reporting with G&S SatConnect®: Create individual regions to report by simply drawing your area in the app. Alternatively you can ingest GEO markers.

Sense draws from the powerful award-winning feature pool of G&S SatConnect®

- G&S SatCom

Why G&S SatConnect® Sense?

A strong basis for data-driven decision-making:

Cross-VSAT platform (all major ground segments supported) low-level data extraction

Be ahead of any issue in your network:

Thanks to powerful monitoring and automated alarms with built-in anomaly detection

Reveal new sales potentials:

Automatic flagging of inefficient or excess network capacities

Seamless integration for your peace of mind:

Sense integrates seamlessly into your platform and is built on a modular, scalable basis

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Run Sense alongside your existing software and take the opportunity to test and evaluate

Developed on a visionary modular core for outstanding scalability - now enhanced with AI

Sense is one of many specialized solutions from the G&S SatConnect® context. Developed primarily for service providers in the satellite industry, it is an excellent solution to take the monitoring and management of their existing networks to the next level. Sense is based on the same architecture as G&S SatConnect® and thus offers customers the well-known multi-network capabilities (e.g. connection with iDirect Evolution® or Gilat SkyEdge®, etc.) as well as the same highly valued scalability and integration benefits.

In addition, customers can extend Sense at any time with additional functionality from the G&S SatConnect® feature pool - tailored to their individual business needs.

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How can iDirect Evolution® Customers benefit from G&S SatConnect®?

Join our expert as he talks about the challenges faced by satellite service providers and network operators in minimizing network outages, reducing costs, and managing and monitoring their entire network. In this video, Richard Maskell, one of our Principal Software Engineers, explains how G&S SatConnect® can provide a foundation for these providers to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering solutions to these pressing issues.

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