G&S SatConnect® - A gamechanger for iDirect Evolution®

G&S SatConnect® for iDirect Evolution® is an innovative and award-winning multi-network orchestration software that allows you to monitor and manage all of your networks' terminals in one place. This provides a complete and unified view of your network performance, which is essential for identifying issues and providing high-quality service to your customers.

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The one-stop management & monitoring solution for iDirect Evolution®

G&S SatConnect® brings Provisioning, Monitoring, Support & Billing into one place

Aero Monitoring with G&S SatConnect®: Receive live updates of flight and vessel information via customizable dashboard and map views

Performance Monitoring

Network performance issues can be challenging to diagnose, especially when they occur in remote locations. G&S SatConnect® for iDirect Evolution® features situation-aware monitoring features that provide you with real-time information on the status of your network and terminals. This allows you to identify and diagnose issues quickly and efficiently, which is essential for providing high-quality service to your customers. Keep track of crucial metrics in real-time like signal strength, data rates, and uptime. Analyze connection drops or degraded performance.

G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Unique insights to provide actionable information. Allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance

Network Reporting

G&S SatConnect® provides service providers with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and profitability of their business. Generate custom reports on usage, billing data, and other metrics, that can be exported as CSV or PDF files.

G&S SatConnect® Customizable Dashboards: Our custom dashboard and map views provide a comprehensive overview of your KPI's.

Automated Provisioning

Provisioning new terminals is a time-consuming process that can be a bottleneck for service providers. G&S SatConnect® provides fully automated provisioning, which significantly reduces the time and effort required to get new terminals up and running. With G&S SatConnect® for iDirect Evolution® you can quickly and easily provision new terminals and get them connected to your network without any hassle.

Meet the one-stop solution to monitor your network(s)

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G&S SatConnect® Fair Access Policies: Automatically throttle a terminal – or an entire group of terminals based on your defined rules

Upselling and Billing

G&S SatConnect® provides extensive upselling options, which allow you to offer your customers additional services and capacity. Additionally, it features a powerful billing system that allows you to create customized reports and invoices for your customers. Generate invoices and track payments from your customers, as well as provide reports on usage and billing data.

Multi-Network Support

G&S SatConnect® supports a wide range of networks, including Gilat SkyEdge® II-c, Gilat SkyEdge® IV, iDirect Evolution®, Newtec Dialog®, iDirect Velocity®, SCPC Networks, Comtech Heightsand managed services such as IntelsatOne® Flex. Monitor and manage the performance of multiple networks in one platform and get a comprehensive overview of your network's performance.

Manage your network(s) with G&S SatConnect®: Our all-in-one solution for service providers and network operators of the satellite industry to manage and monitor their networks

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How can G&S SatConnect® benefit your department?

Network Administration

As a network administrator responsible for monitoring and managing your entire satellite network, G&S SatConnect® provides a solution to centrally manage and monitor your entire network inventory and terminals. You can also set up notifications to detect and address potential issues early on.

Customer Service

As a customer service representative responsible for supporting customers with their terminal issues, you can monitor the connection quality and performance of customer terminals, proactively solving problems before they escalate. You can also create reports to inform customers about their network usage.


As a sales representative responsible, G&S SatConnect® provides you with all the tools so that you can quickly and effectively provide customers with terminals and services. You can also track network utilization and offer targeted up-selling opportunities to customers.


As a finance manager responsible for billing customers and tracking revenue and expenses, G&S SatConnect® helps you to automate billing and create reports to inform customers about their usage and costs.

Business Development

As a manager responsible for monitoring the overall operation and implementing business strategies, you can monitor all aspects of your satellite network and identify trends to make decisions for optimizing your business. You can also generate reports to track and promote business growth.

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