Product & Service Management

Monetize your service! Extensive up-selling opportunities, integrated right into your existing platform. We take your product management to the next level. With a new approach to managed service networks, it has never been easier to outperform the market and be the leading provider of satellite services.

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G&S SatConnect® Product & Service Management: Monetize your service! Extensive up-selling opportunities, integrated right into your existing platform. We take your product management to the next level.
G&S SatConnect® Marketplace Service Details: Build your own Marketplace for your customers

Create your own unique product catalog

It’s the core of your success, the one aspect that makes or breaks your business: a product portfolio that precisely matches your customers’ requirements and enables you to swiftly adapt to new requirements at lightning speed. In a fast-paced world with an ever changing environment, your competitive edge depends on your ability to stay ahead of the market.

Let us take your product management to the next level by streamlining your product management process with powerful tools and a minimum of configuration effort. Deliver your products with zero time-to-market to any vertical via any sales channel. Each product can be assigned to specific customer categories, including direct end-customers. Measure your portfolio’s success to optimize your product catalogue and match your customers demands.

Build a Marketplace for your customers

We provide Operators and Service Providers their own platform for value-adding services with simple configuration and easy access control. From simply offering top-up packages for customers to comprehensive forecasting and analysis solutions, you can define products on-the-fly and grant your customers individual access.

From the outset equipped with a host of pre-defined services, you can either create your own services or add partner solutions to your offering, creating a vast eco-system of services that sets you apart from your competitors.

Are you looking for a stand-alone product management software, ready to integrate with your existing infrastructure? Check out: G&S SatConnect® Marketplace

G&S SatConnect® Marketplace: Define & sell products on-the-fly

Deliver your products with zero time-to-market to any vertical via any sales channel

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G&S SatConnect® Marketplace: Build your own Marketplace for your customers and offer services to your clients such as top-up packages

Create tailored solutions for your customers through subscriptions

  • Combine services to tailored solutions that precisely fit your customers’ requirements
  • Create tailored solutions within minutes
  • Prioritize essential services for individual customers such as video streaming, emails, messengers, and more
G&S SatConnect® Billing Automation: Exchange terminal information with your billing software to create an end-to-end independent billing process

Manage your products & customer billing

  • Supports instant payment options such as credit card and PayPal
  • Start and stop services at any time
  • FAP support: Configure data rates and volume limitations, pool multiple terminals under one service offering
  • Contract automation: Automatically suspend services or schedule a switch to another plan
G&S SatConnect® Business process automation & orchestration: We handle everything around your core business - your network - from automated provisioning and billing to the entire terminal lifecycle management.

Business Process Automation

Our software offers various automation options that will dramatically increase your productivity. Whether it's automated terminal provisioning or automated terminal billing: Don't waste your time on redundant work. Our software has got your back, so you can focus on your business.

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The innovative, award-winning multi-network orchestration software

G&S SatConnect® is an all-in-one solution for service providers and network operators of the satellite industry to manage and monitor their networks. Master your business challenges whether they are about monitoring, orchestration, service delivery or data management.

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G&S SatConnect® Marketplace Logo: Define & sell products on-the-fly

Our comprehensive product- and service management solution

Create a powerful platform to serve your customers requirements and deliver value-added services on the fly with less effort than you can imagine. Revolutionize your sales model, create new revenue streams today!

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