Hey, . How is my cruise
vessel Marina doing?

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Empower your network operations with our AI-driven solution, seamlessly managing congestion, monitoring your network health and predicting contention issues in an unprecedented user experience.

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  • Congestion management: Receive automated congestion alerts, re-balancing suggestions and option execution
  • Network health management: Automatically identifies and alerts about anomalies

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Yes, I've put together a list of networks with optimization potentials:

  • Network 51 - 40% optimization potential due to 3 inefficiently operating terminals
  • Network 12 - Grow network by 15%
  • Network 21 - Reduce bandwidth by 20%
Yes, service J8D72 is bouncing between networks and should be investigated. Service U123SD is performing 24% less than expected which might be due to blockage or interference.

I have gathered the performance data for service Marina 214 over the last 24 hours. Here are the key performance indicators: Current SNR: 9.99 (range: 5.00 - 15.00) Latency: 600.65ms (range: 500ms - 700ms) Jitter: 5.07 (range: 0 - 10) Packet Loss: 5.07% (range: 0% - 10%) The Signal Quality, and Receive Packets Error Ratio metrics have not shown any deviations from the expected values.

These statistics can help us understand the current health of the terminal. If you need a detailed report or wish to set up monitoring alerts, please let me know, and I can assist you further.

Marina 214 is consuming 260% compared to its 7 day average, Vista 5713 and Nova 513 are running inefficiently at high demand consuming 32% of total allocated spectrum. Would you like to investigate this further?

AI: Network 27 is showing 48% reduced throughput which indicates a network wide issue. User: Do you have a list of impacted customers? AI: Yes, 14 customers with a total of 58 active services are impacted. Would you like me to share a list?