Notification Manager

Powerful notification manager for trigger-based messages via various channels in multiple languages and custom brandings.

Keep everyone in the loop with G&S SatConnect®‘s powerful notification engine! Its flexible and innovative approach allows custom messages in multiple languages triggered by almost any event and communicated via various channels. By taking advantage of G&S SatConnect®’s multi-tenancy capabilities, notifications and messages can even be communicated and customized to any imaginable subset of customers and users with just a few clicks.

There are endless possibilities to create value for you and your customers by combining the sophisticated features that G&S SatConnect® offers you. Imagine being able to announce your latest product addition in the very platform your customers use to manage and monitor their terminals. Where a simple email would be forgotten within moments, reminding them when managing their terminals will resonate much stronger and result in customers adopting new products quickly.

Stay up-to-date

At the same time, stay on top of your network by receiving notifications for precisely those events you deem noteworthy. Get informed whenever a batch of terminals has been provisioned successfully. Receive a message when specific terminals of specific customers experience connectivity issues. Notify your customers automatically when they are about to reach their volume allowance and offer them top-up options to retain high-speed connections.

G&S SatConnect® covers about any scenario involving any kind of messaging to your customers or eventbased notifications. Custom messages in multiple languages and, in case of email communication, even custom branding make G&S SatConnect®’s notification manager the most resourceful solution in the industry.