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We offer tailored solutions for service providers and network operators in the satellite industry. Our products help streamline your workflows and increase your efficiency. With our cutting-edge products such as G&S SatConnect® - powered by AI - you have full control over your communication infrastructure.


Features to master your business challenges

Aero Monitoring with G&S SatConnect®: Receive live updates of flight and vessel information via customizable dashboard and map views

Situation-aware monitoring

Visualize your network information exactly the way you need. Receive live updates of flights and vessels via map views. Correlate contextual data like weather information with your terminals status or choose from pre-configured map overlays, such as beam footprint.

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G&S SatConnect® Network Reporting Dashboard: Unique insights to provide actionable information. Allows advanced in-depth data insights of multi-orbit mobility networks to maximize your network performance

Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed network efficiency reports with in-depth data visualizations of terminal status, locations, network status, service quality, traffic utilization, and more. Create your own dashboard views and benefit from unique analytics for actionable insights.

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G&S SatConnect® Alarms Grid: Get notified about every single terminal from any of your major ground segments

Alarm Management

Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time alerts for prompt action and to avoid costly downtime. Improve efficiency with automatic alarms for key metrics and minimize manual monitoring. Get instant notifications of important events such as flight changes or anomalies, delivered straight to your device.

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Meet the one-stop solution to manage your network(s)

Discover G&S SatConnect®

G&S SatConnect® Business process automation & orchestration: We handle everything around your core business - your network - from automated provisioning and billing to the entire terminal lifecycle management.

Business Process Automation

From automated provisioning, over subscription building to billing automation. We speed up your processes.

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G&S SatConnect® Product & Service Management: Monetize your service! Extensive up-selling opportunities, integrated right into your existing platform. We take your product management to the next level.

Product Management

Monetize your service! Streamline your product management process with powerful tools and minimal configuration efforts.

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G&S SatConnect® Billing Automation: Exchange terminal information with your billing software to create an end-to-end independent billing process

Automated Billing

Simplify your entire billing process by automatically sending terminal’s information

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Press Release: G&S SatCom Unveils AI-Powered Satellite Network Assistant at Satellite Conference 2024

Press Release: G&S SatCom Unveils AI-Powered Satellite Network Assistant at Satellite Conference 2024

G&S SatCom, a leader in satellite communication solutions, is proud to announce the introduction of two groundbreaking advancements at the Satellite conference in Washington, DC. From March 18 to 21, attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the unveiling of the AI Assistant for G&S SatConnect® and the highly anticipated mobile version of G&S SatConnect®.

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