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We make satellite innovation accessible!

Our Vision

In a connected world, where communication has become the backbone of our daily lives, G&S SatCom strives for the most innovative, value generating and resourceful solutions. We empower our partners to enter, define, or create new markets with our revolutionary solutions, giving them a persistent edge over their competitors.

G&S SatConnect - The contemporary solution to manage your network. (Wireframe)

The innovative multi-network orchestration software with fully automated provisioning, unique FAP features, and extensive upselling options. Includes a comprehensive customer portal with custom branding and multiple languages.

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G&S Marketplace - Take advantage of the G&S Marketplace Cloud with zero lead time, managed service and extensive SaaS benefits.

Conquer the services market with your own branded G&S Marketplace instance! Configure custom addons and deliver instant value through digital services. Benefit from an extended product catalogue with value-adding partner offerings. Revolutionize your sales model, create new revenue streams!

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G&S SatConnect®’s FAP (Fair Access Policies) / Quota Management offers unique features to maximize the value of your existing network capacity while keeping maintenance and operational complexity low.

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Considered to be the operations center, G&S SatConnect®’s terminal manager hosts all essential features to simplify your lifecycle management and increase operational efficiency.

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Create a unique experience for your customers. Grant them access to G&S SatConnect®’s included customer portal and empower them by providing access to its sophisticated monitoring, terminal lifecycle management, and other features.

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Recap of the Satshow 2020 in Washington

G&S SatCom at #Satellite2020. Despite lower attendance than in previous years, we had a number of interesting discussions and would like to thank everyone who stopped by at our booth. G&S SatConnect® received tremendous feedback and we're looking forward to working closely with our partners to advance the satellite industry with innovative solutions.

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Meet G&S SatCom at the Satellite 2020 in Washington

The #Satshow2020 starts next week and we look forward to welcoming you to our booth. Don't miss the chance to have a chat with us about our innovative products and how G&S SatConnect® and the just released G&S Marketplace will change service delivery and orchestration.

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We are happy to announce that Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) has selected G&S SatConnect® with its ST Engineering iDirect #Evolution integration to implement a fully managed service. Our subscription manager capabilities will support MBS to tailor custom service offerings incl. usage-based billing. The self-service portal will enable their customers to manage the entire terminal lifecycle.

Learn more at www.gs-satcom.com

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