The contemporary solution to manage your networks

The innovative, award-winning multi-network orchestration software with fully automated provisioning, unique FAP features, extensive upselling options and situation-aware monitoring features

Efficiency starts here

A solution that scales with your projects

G&S SatConnect® comes with an extensive catalog of powerful features that will master your business challenges whether they are about situation awareness, orchestration, service delivery or data management. It's modular architecture allows quick implementation of feature requests and new ideas, making you the innovation leader in a highly competitive environment and giving you an edge over the market.

Multiple Networks, One Platform

The possibility of bringing multiple heterogeneous networks under one orchestration system is made a reality with G&S SatConnect®.

We continuously extended our accessibility by integrating networks such as iDirect Velocity®, iDirect Evolution®, Gilat SkyEdge II-c, Comtech EF Data Heights™, Newtec Dialog®, SCPC and there are more to come.

  • Benefit from unified workflows, less complexity, and drastically reduced time-to-market
  • Activate new networks with a simple click
  • Experience the same workflows across all of your networks, making your operations so much simpler!

Brand new on G&S SatConnect

Revive your Evolution network and create new revenue potentials with the latest addition to G&S SatConnect®'s multi-network capability!

Reserve IP addresses completed
Provision Terminal completed
Start billing in progress

Orchestration handles the day-to-day, you focus on the future

  • Take control with multi-step process management
  • Connect everything using established protocols and tools
  • Full flexibility with the off-the-shelf NMS connectors
  • Scalable orchestration without limitations


Service Delivery made simple - Turn your potential into profit!

  • Save time everyday with streamlined workflows
  • Deliver services via the multi-lingual Customer Portal and APIs
  • Include all stakeholders in the process with Role-Based-Access-Control
  • One platform for everyone. Support your customer hierarchy via multi-tenancy
  • Be one step ahead with the integrated Product- and Service-Management